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Deja Vu…

Strange deja vu moment today.

Back in September, right after my son had surgery, I wrote this post  about the government wanting to put restrictions on supplements.

And here we are again, shortly after his second surgery, and I get ANOTHER email request to take action and call government officials.

Clearly we need to stop the surgeries 🙂

This is an excerpt I got today from a Know the Cause email, written by Doug Kaufmann:

“I’m concerned that we have a dilemma on our hands with the FDA accepting funds from pharmaceutical companiesthose whom they should be governing rather than commingling with. At the very least, this represents a blatant conflict of interest. At worst, I am concerned that this improper relationship between our FDA and the pharmaceutical companies may be one of the very reasons that our FDA is now considering imposing legislation against the freedoms we enjoy in health food stores…”

I’m flabbergasted.  Why the FDA would want to partner up with the big pharm companies is beyond me.  No wait.  I do get it.  I just don’t agree with the money-driven motive…

This is the way I see it….Big pharm companies are annoyed that they can’t patent (and sell at a ridiculously inflated price) naturally occuring supplements/minerals, etc. like Chlorella. So they partner up with the FDA, slip this government agency some $$$, and buying supplements (that these pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money off of) becomes much more difficult. Does anyone else smell a skunk?

ANYWAY, there is a link to voice your concern:

http://www.anh-usa.org/fda-food-detention-powers-endanger-food-and-supplements (scroll down to the last paragraph right before the facebook share button and click on that link…it’ll bring you to a demographic form and prewritten letter.)

BUT the comments are only accepted through tomorrow–Friday, 12/2/11. So please don’t save this for a better time. Take 2 minutes and do it right now 🙂  This is a big deal!



I Wish the Government Would Stay Away From My “Medicine” Cabinet!

Sorry for the hiatus…my little guy had surgery on Friday and we were (kind of still are) knee-deep in recovery 🙂

When I resurfaced and checked email, I found this article from Dr. Mercola:


Apparently the FDA wants to ban supplements.

Personally, I don’t appreciate it when people I don’t know tell me what to do, especially when it comes to my health. And when I have successfully treated my ailments (including a biggie like asthma), I am not only scared that I won’t be able to take care of my health but worried/annoyed that others won’t have the same opportunity to help themselves to better health.

So, I’ve made my voice heard. I’ve contacted my local representatives and hope that many (many) others will as well.

There was a very similar scenario back in 1994.  The people rebelled and contacted their local officials and the FDA backed off. Until now.

Will you sit back and do nothing? Or spend 5 minutes contacting your representatives? At the end of the Mercola article, there is a link to find your representatives’ contact info, talking points and even an email template (although rumor has it calls and faxes make the most impact). Let’s work together and make them back down AGAIN!

If for no other reason, it’ll put a damper on this blog! Without supplements to test out, you’ll be reading 101 blog posts about different broccoli preparations 🙂