I Guess I’m Human After All

It was inevitable.

8+ pounds of Halloween candy is currently sitting in cute plastic lack o’ lanterns on the dining table…and the candy is speaking to me.

Not screaming “Stay away!” or “I’m Not Good For You!”  Something more along the lines of a provocative whisper, “Oh, one little piece won’t kill you”.

I will be the first to admit that I have very little willpower.  If it’s in the house, I will probably eat it.  I was like this as a teenager (only worse) but at least now my head knows why I shouldn’t be eating it 🙂

I’m really not like this any other time of year.  Just Halloween.  But I suppose that’s because sweets aren’t in the house in such massive quantities any other time of the year. 

I should admit that over the last couple of weeks, I’ve fallen off the Phase 1 diet wagon.  (When you are following the diet more faithfully, the cravings are fairly non-existent.)  One more reason to hop back on…We’re having pork tenderloin with my new favorite sauce  tonight!

Anyway, that’s why I buy Halloween candy that I don’t like (read: non-chocolate).  No chance of breaking into the stash.  But when the kids start showing me the massive amounts of chocolate they’ve hauled in over the course of the night, my knees start to buckle.


Or sell the candy back to the dentist.

Which is exactly what we’re doing when the office opens tomorrow…

We did this last year and the kids each brought home crisp $10 bills–which to a 3 and 6 year old is like hitting the jackpot!

I’ll let them keep a few (preferably ones I don’t like 🙂 ) and we’ll get rid of the rest.  If you happen to be in the same predictment, here’s a site to find a local dentist who will relieve you of your stash:


The candy collected is sent to troops overseas.  Along with a new toothbrush 🙂

So what are you planning on doing with the abundance of candy at your house?  Planning on eating it over the next 6 months (or week!) or do you have another way to get rid of the sugary stuff without actually consuming it yourself?


4 responses to “I Guess I’m Human After All

  1. I try to just limit myself to one a day- but then again, I don’t have 8 lbs of the good stuff sitting around. 🙂 I also find that if I abstain from eating sugar in the morning it’s a lot easier to just eat a piece or two later in the day. The dentist is a great idea!

  2. Thanks for the link! I was wondering how to sell our candy or donate it!

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