My Bare Essential Supplements and Vitamins

I am going on a trip.  On Tuesday.  To a different country! 

As I’m making lists of items not to be forgotten, I got a little stuck when it came to supplements and vitamins.  I don’t take any prescription medications for my asthma or PCOS anymore, but I rely on supplements and vitamins (and of course a healthy diet) to keep me healthy and strong. And I take more than most.

Here is my bare essential list so far:

I am also bringing some supplements for blood sugar as my PCOS is usually under control at home, but I have less control over my diet when I travel, so better safe than sorry!

These are the ones I take everyday, without exception. (Except the oregano…those are on an as-needed basis.)  I feel GOOD on this particular regimen.  Along with my diet, these are keeping me healthy as most people in my neck of the woods are starting to gets sniffles and coughs.

So here are some questions for YOU:  For those who travel (solely with carry-on baggage) with supplements/vitamins (not RXs), do you leave the pills in the bottles, or do you stick them in a ziplock bag? And what about the gelcaps? They’re technically liquid, so do you put them in your 1 qt liquid bag? What vitamins and supplements are you sure to have in YOUR suitcase?

Strangely, on airline websites, travel blogs, and other areas for information, this particular topic has varied answers, which surprises me since rules for travel these days are pretty strict.

Hopefully I can figure this out in the next 36 hours 🙂 







2 responses to “My Bare Essential Supplements and Vitamins

  1. I think you should be ok with those in a plastic baggie. If you’re worried about the liquid in the gelcaps, I think it’s always better to be safe than sorry so you could always throw them in your baggie with the other liquids.

  2. Thanks! You know, after I posted this, I got 4 phone calls–my friends seem to be allergic to leaving comments here 🙂 They suggested calling the airlines (did that and the very kind representative had no definitive answer), checking the website (had already done that, and again, no definitive answer), leaving all 10 supplements in the original bottles (yikes…I’d have to check a bag just for my vitamins!) or leaving them home (definitely NOT an option!). I’ve decided to put the gel caps in the 1 qt liquid bag and the rest in my carryon in one big bottle. Thankfully they all look different 🙂

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