Healthier Birthdays

There have been several birthday celebrations around here lately…family (my son and my dad both have birthdays in September–it’s actually dad’s b-day today!) and friends (we’ve already had 4 school birthday parties).

That’s A LOT of sugar!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know my feelings towards the white stuff  🙂

But I don’t want to be a party pooper either!  So I’ve found ways to make celebrating birthdays a little healthier.

Since my son has a nut allergy, I bake a batch of cupcakes and freeze them, so I have one ready for these school birthdays that seem to be almost everyday!  The healthy part is that I put vegetables in them.  If you haven’t tried making a recipe from Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious Cookbook, you should!  I make these chocolate cupcakes   to freeze and they’re a big hit (even though they have beets in them).  When he has a birthday party to go to, I pull one out of the freezer and make a quick ganache type frosting (just melt some chocolate chips and add a little warm cream and a splash of vanilla).  You should also try her brownies made with spinach and carrots–once the brownies are room temperature, no one will be able to taste the veggies!

Just switching from a box cake mix to a homemade recipe–made with real sugar and flour instead of things you can’t pronounce–will make the whole experience healthier.

And on days like today when my boys will be eating cake with my dad and then going to a school party afterwards, I make sure the other food they eat during the day is super nutritious. They had extra fruit this morning with their Sunbutter spoon (for protein) and oatmeal.  We’ll be eating carrots sticks and bell peppers as a snack. And there will be a plethora of vegetables at dinner tonight.  Plus I give them some antifungal supplements and make sure they’ve had their daily probiotic and vitamins.

I know sugar isn’t good for them.  But I also don’t want to deprive them so they go all nutty when they’re off to college and have the freedom to choose what they eat.  I hope in these next years that I’ll be able to pass on the knowledge that food can either be nourishing and medicinal, or it can slowly damage your body…and that they’ll make better choices later on.  

How do you celebrate birthdays? Any other ideas about making birthday healthier? I’d LOVE to hear them! 


2 responses to “Healthier Birthdays

  1. I think (and hope) the boys will be healthy eaters for life- you’ve already started them on the right path. Um, not to mention that T told me the other day that soda is evil. Seriously.

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