How Do You Neutralize Too Much Raw Garlic?

Warning: I will probably offend many of my culinary school/foodie friends with this post. I apologize in advance…

I made the Cilantro Sauce  for the pork tenderloin my husband grilled last night.  For some reason (because it was Friday? First day of Fall? Because I was wearing a red sweater? Who knows.), I was in the more-is-better mood and ended up putting two big cloves of garlic into the sauce.

I usually love garlic and ALWAYS add more when I’m cooking. I forgot that that isn’t a great idea when it comes to raw garlic.

If I was battling any sinus issue or cold, just the small taste I took to test the flavors would have made those germs head for the hills.

At this point, a true chef would either a) start over or b) know some special culinary trick to neutralize the garlic.  (Who am I kidding, a true chef would never have made this mistake in the first place!)

I must have been really pondering this conundrum because both my kids came over and asked what I was doing (I guess I’m not usually found in the kitchen deep in thought…)

I decided to try Baking Soda. My logic was that it takes away strong odors in the frig, so maybe it would tame the beast in my blender.  I added 1/4 teaspoon (maybe slightly more)…and you know what?  IT WORKED!  The strong bite from the garlic was a little less intense and my husband never had a clue about the near debacle. (And it tasted fantastic in the scrambled eggs this morning!)

I’m sure I’ve committed some international cooking faux pas with this one. But I’m too stubborn to admit defeat 🙂

Do you know the right way (or a better way) to neutralize garlic? I would love to hear it!


2 responses to “How Do You Neutralize Too Much Raw Garlic?

  1. Found your blog through Hungry, Hungry Runner. Great tip on neutralizing garlic! I think that makes you a ‘real’ chef. 🙂

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