Being A Proactive Person

I think my computer is dying. We thought it was a virus because it would shut down randomly. Usually when one of us was doing something VERY important.

Then ‘the computer guy’ thought he fixed it. Considering I’m in a Walmart parking lot across the street from an ‘expert computer guy’ in northern Wisconsin, typing this post on my iPhone…well, I think it was more of a Band Aid than a fix.

I should have seen the early warning signs that my
laptop was failing. But I ignored them thinking they’d magically fix themselves.

I think that’s how many of us view our health.

If we have a new symptom, we sometimes ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own.

And what if you ignore that symptom so many times that it has now turned into a major problem?

Isn’t it better to be proactive with our health? (And our computers? Arg.)

I’d much rather eat a healthy diet, and invest in some high quality vitamins and supplements than wait for my health to take a turn for the worse.

Something to think about during these lazy summer days when your health is (hopefully) good….


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