The Diet That Made Me Healthier

Have you ever gotten so excited about a diet and all its claims for weight loss and improving your health, only to realize you couldn’t stick to it long enough to lose weight and your health issues haven’t actually gotten better?

Luckily, I haven’t had to diet for weight loss.  But with a whole mess of health problems, I needed one that would work from the inside out. Address the symptoms as well as get down to the root cause of those symptoms.  One that doesn’t include processed food or artificial sweeteners as a substitute for sugar. And one that explains how the foods we eat directly affect our bodies.

Well, I found one!

It is essentially an anti-fungal diet. If fungi starts taking over in your body, and sugar and carbs feed the fungi, then it makes sense to starve those pesky buggers (a more eloquent explanation is on the Know the Cause website).  Fungi produce a toxic by-product (mycotoxin) which is directly related to disease. Kill the fungi, clear out the toxins, and it would stand to reason that you’ve gotten down to the cause of the illness.  Interesting stuff (even for someone like me that managed to get through high school without taking Biology!)

There is a reason you have cravings for certain foods. Do you crave sweets? Potato chips? Bakery items? Ice cream? What do all of these things have in common? Sugar, flour, and carbs in general are what the fungi are living on. They are trying to control your body into thinking you need them.

On this diet (and with a few supplements), I was able to get rid of my asthma after 30+ years of being asthmatic. I’m off all of the inhalers and prescriptions.  I was able to make my PCOS symptoms disappear (as reported from an ultrasound tech who said she would never have guessed I had ever had PCOS). And best of all, my infertility issues were resolved after just 2 months following the diet (and exercising more) and I found out I was pregnant. I was amazed!

So what is on this magical diet you ask? Whole foods. Most items need refrigeration, have no preservatives and don’t come in a box. Back to basics.  Use simple ingredients and add spices.  Basically this diet consists of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, some fruits, nuts, seeds, certain oils and some dairy.  The complete list of “approved” items can be found on his website.  Quinoa is also ok, and listed in his books, but for some reason isn’t on his website.  And thank goodness for that.  I eat it everyday to fill up!

It seems limiting when you’re used to going out to eat, ordering take-out, and imagining all of the family recipes based on pasta, but I will be the first to say it is doable. Plus preparing meals with fewer ingredients takes less time.  And it makes you feel REALLY good.

I’m sure there will be future posts about the Phase 1 diet and I’ll be adding recipes too. I can’t say enough good things about it.  If you’re still unsure, poke around Mr. Kaufmann’s website and educate yourself.  Talk to your doctor and see if it’s something that would be right for you. (Although most “regular” doctors aren’t up up-to-speed on fungus as it relates to illness.) Then try it for 4 weeks. See how you feel. Are the aches and pains gone? No more random stomach aches? Migraines better? Sinus issues resolving themselves? Curious………

[Disclaimer: I’m relaying my own experiences and I cannot tell you if you will reap the same benefits. Talk to your doctor to see if this would be a good diet for you to follow.]


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