Pigs Are Flying

My name is Kim and I used to be a sugarholic.

Butterfinger bar instead of breakfast?  You bet.  Pepsi instead of water? Everyday.  Any positive feelings toward the vegetable food group? Not a chance.

My body wasn’t showing wear and tear on the outside.  The inside was a whole different story.

Fast forward a decade. Infertility.  PCOS.  Asthma.  Lots of prescription drugs offered for my ailments. Invasion treatments suggested for the infertility.

But then a light bulb went off.  I could be more responsible for my health. See how the adventure unfolded here.

I got pregnant by following a certain diet and exercising.  I’m not taking any medication for my asthma because I don’t seem to have it anymore.

And now I’m sitting at my laptop, writing a blog about good health.  I’m about to share some of the simpliest ways to eat healthier, and what I’ve learned about natural remedies and treatment alternatives.  Surely pigs are flying somewhere.


2 responses to “Pigs Are Flying

  1. I love it (and you)- I’m excited to see where you take your blog. 🙂

  2. Thanks for my first comment! And for showing me around the blog world 🙂

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